Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Too many workplaces – across all industries – excuse, ignore and even facilitate sexual assault, harassment and abuses of power.


of women report having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.


of all workplace harassment incidents go unreported.


identified their harassers as men with influence over their careers.

The We Believe You Fund was established to create transformational change in workplaces to eradicate the dangerous, imbalanced power dynamic that is the root cause of sexual harassment and assault.

The We Believe You Fund is working to identify and eliminate the culture of harassment, assault and victim shaming that results in and maintains rape culture in workplaces. We will hold companies and organizations accountable for what happens within their walls and provide them with the tools and resources to address the systemic challenges that allow sexual harassment and assault to go unchecked. By redefining corporate responsibility and envisioning what systemic change truly looks like, we will encourage and model direct interventions.

The We Believe You Fund will focus initial investments from corporate contributions and attention on:
Convening a Survivors Committee to define what cultural accountability and justice look like beyond punishing individuals;

  • Re-granting to local advocacy groups, with an emphasis on organizations led by women and people of color that are on the frontlines of direct services and innovative education programs and are committed to dismantling rape culture;
  • Incubating new efforts that seek to address structural and systemic causes of the abuse of power (We will look to our committees and partners to co-create these efforts.)

We believe that everyone – regardless of where you work and what your job title – should be able to earn a living free from fear of sexual harassment, abuse and violence.