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JoEllen Chernow

JoEllen ChernowJoEllen is a survivor, organizer, and single mom. She organized her first sit-in at middle school, but for the life of her can’t remember why…since then she got the organizing bug and has worked for progressive grassroots groups, organized labor and international human rights organizations for close to 20 years.

WBYF’s core partners are orgs on the frontlines of ending sexual violence and ensuring safe
workplaces – hear from some of our partners in this work.

Karla Altmayer, CoDirector, Healing to Action
“Institutional change is a crucial component of the culture shifting work needed to end workplace sexual harassment. This is why Healing to Action supports the systemic approach of the We Believe You Fund. By harnessing the collective power of workers, the We Believe You Fund creates a mechanism for the accountability and transformation of all workplaces.”

Tahir Duckett, Executive Director, ReThink
“Accountability is a crucial part of shifting the culture that makes sexual violence so prevalent. The We Believe You Fund is about building communities free of violence, and we’re thrilled to support this effort.”

Lisa Guide, Rockefeller Family Foundation
“We support the We Believe You Fund because it takes a systemic approach toward addressing workplace harassment. Workplaces can truly set themselves apart by both changing their own culture and contributing to a collective effort, and the We Believe You Fund promotes both approaches.”